Church Departments

  1. Men’s Fellowship
  2. Women's fellowship
  3. Youth Fellowship
  4. Teen’s Fellowship
  5. Children’s Fellowship

Sub Groups

  1. Media
  2. Transportation
  3. Board of editors
  4. Sanitary
  5. Youth and sports
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Local Executive Council
  8. State Executive Council
  9. Choir
  10. Evangelism/Fisher's of Men
  11. Prayer Force

All Departmental meetings hold every First Sunday of the Month by 08:00 am


For anyone to qualify to be a member of any of the departments of the church, he or she must pass through the discipleship course class for three months which goes on every Monday and Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm. After graduation, he/she will be given a certificate which he/she shall present to the appropriate department for enrollment.