About Us

The Restoration Life Assembly International was born out of a compulsory divine mandate by God. This mandate is aimed at:

  1. To restore man’s original status with God.
  2. To deliver humanity from the power of total darkness.
  3. To make a difference in the end-time message of the gospel.

The Restoration Life Assembly International was born on the 23rd of December, 2006 at the residence of the General Overseer/ Founder Rev. Dr. Udochi Majesty Odikanwa with about 20 members on the first service day. From there, the church moved to the Women Centre, Art and Craft Hall where she stayed for a year and few months. It was at this point that the revelation came; to build a 10,000 capacity edifice for the Lord. This revelation is currently coming into manifestation at the church’s current location.

Our Vision:

  1. To plant Restoration University, Secondary and Primary school that will be a reference point to the whole world so long as academics is concerned.
  2. To build a modern health care facility for all works of life, mostly the needy.
  3. To use Restoration Life Foundation as a pinnacle for meeting the needs of the less privileged ones in the society.
  4. To identify and groom God-sent pastors.
  5. To gain more souls to God through media outreaches and church activities.

Our Mission:
To dominate the world, not just Africa with the good news that Jesus Christ is certainly coming back and that there is a day set aside for judgment.

Our Achievements:
Over the short period of years, the church has achieved a lot to the glory of God both nationally and internationally reaching out to the less privileged and internally displaced persons in our society, souls won to the body of Christ and still winning. We are mindful about the rapture and will meet Jesus on the rapture.